Get your Teams launcher v0.4 binary from here.

New in version 0.4: Minimize to system tray and set automatic launch on next boot to tray, some bug fixes, code changesÖ

Project files and other source code is located @


Teams launcher is a tool for launching 2nd instance of Microsoft Teams client in Windows easily.
If you need to run two Teams clients simultaneously with second account or with the same account, this tool is THE solution for you.  

I Hope that Microsoft implements real solution soon, so you donít have to use gum & glue solutions like this, but until then...

It is free, and itís safe, I swear!

.Net Framework 4.7.2 might be needed on older Windows.

It is not signed application, so your computer might nag about it. No installer, no need for admin rights. Just unzip the file, run it, and click Launch! for 2nd instance of Teams client!

 If you too find it useful (I did, thatís why I coded it), follow me on Twitter and just say thanks, that is more than enough for hard 3 hour time that I have used in this.